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Why Routine Grease Trap Cleaning Is Essential August 21, 2017

Waterloo, Monroe
Why Routine Grease Trap Cleaning Is Essential, Waterloo, Illinois

The fat and grease from cooking can’t be washed down the drain, so most restaurants are equipped with a grease trap. This device is used to remove fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from restaurant waste. To ensure the process runs smoothly, it’s important to schedule regular grease trap cleaning. Here, J & J Septic & Sewer Cleaning of Waterloo, IL, explains why this task is so vital.

3 Reasons You Need Regular Grease Trap Cleaning

1. Avoid Plumbing Backups

As you can imagine, FOG builds up quickly in a busy kitchen. Solids continue to settle to the bottom of the grease trap, so periodic cleaning is the only way to keep the system running properly and avoid disaster. For example, a clogged grease trap can affect the entire plumbing system, sometimes backing up the septic tank.

2. Avoid Big Emergency Expenses

grease trap cleaningPreventing these disasters also means you won’t spend big bucks on emergency repairs, such as cleaning out all your pipes. An accident may mean you lose a day of business or have to pay hire a cleaning crew. Routine grease trap cleaning will be a predictable bill that provides peace of mind.

3. Stay Compliant

Most cities have officials that monitor FOG and sewer maintenance to ensure particles don’t find their way into the system. Grease traps may be checked during periodic inspections, with heavy fines for establishments that are not up to code. Regular grease trap cleaning will keep them out of your hair. Some experts recommend pumping every two to three days, while others feel once per month is adequate. Ask your expert to help you create a schedule that’s right for your business.

Food service establishments produce a large amount of waste. Thankfully, grease traps are a great invention that prevent FOG pollution from entering the sewer lines. However, these systems only function well if they are properly maintained. Any food service establishment should be performing routine grease trap cleaning with J & J Septic & Sewer Cleaning to avoid plumbing issues or potential fines. Give their certified team a call at (618) 939-3001 or contact them online

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