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3 Perks of Using a Parking Garage October 23, 2017

3 Perks of Using a Parking Garage, ,

Parking in the city doesn't have to be a hassle.  Parking garages are a great alternative to circling a busy street for an empty spot.  They provide welcome relief from the uncertainty of driving into the city and offer a convenient and reliable solution.

Below are three benefits of using a parking garage:

1. Provides a Central Parking Place for Events

If you’re planning a party or business event, you want to ensure your guests won’t be inconvenienced by having to search for a parking spot.  A parking garage offers a centralized place to meet or park, and it makes it easier for your friends and colleagues to arrive on time.

2. Protects Vehicles & Drivers From the Elements

imageWind, rain, and snow easily damage a car's exterior.  If left outside, cars can get scratched or dinged, and they’re susceptible to a busted window from hail or fallen tree branches.  Unlike street parking, the construction of parking garages will protect both vehicles and their passengers from the elements.

3. Convenient Parking for Downtown Locals

One of the drawbacks to working and living in a bustling downtown area is having to park too far from your home or place of employment.  A parking garage, however, offers convenience for local employees and residents by providing reserved spaces.  Instead of hunting for a spot on the street that may require a long walk to their destination, locals enjoy using the garage and shortening their walking distance.


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