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An Auto Repair Shop Explains 4 Steps to Take if Your Car Starts Overheating August 18, 2017

North Madison, Lake
An Auto Repair Shop Explains 4 Steps to Take if Your Car Starts Overheating, North Madison, Ohio

The hot summer weather makes vehicles susceptible to overheating, so it is important to pay close attention to your engine’s temperature gauge on extremely hot days. The mechanics at Madison Muffler and Auto in Madison, OH, say if your car does overheat, you should address the problem immediately to prevent further damage to your engine.

Below, this auto repair shop explains four steps to take when your car starts overheating:

  • Crank Your Heater on Full Blast: As soon as you realize your vehicle is overheating, turn the air conditioner off, and put the heater on full blast. This will be uncomfortable for you and your passengers, but it will transfer heat away from the engine to help it cool off. 
  • Pull Over & Let the Engine Cool: If the engine continues to run hot, find a safe location to pull over and turn it off. Then, open the hood to enable cool air to reach the engine. This will take a while, so now is a good time to call a tow truck if you want to have the car brought to a service center. Do not remove the radiator cap because hot coolant and steam could shoot out and burn you.
  • auto repair shopCheck the Coolant Tank: After 30 to 60 minutes, the engine should be cool. Remove the radiator cap, and check the coolant level. If it’s low, you may have a leak. If you have a bottle of coolant on hand, refill the tank.
  • Take Your Car to an Auto Repair Shop: Refilling your coolant should serve as a short-term solution, but you should take your vehicle to an auto repair shop so they can find and correct the problem that is causing your engine to overheat.

When your vehicle needs a tuneup, take it to Madison Muffler and Auto. Their ASE-certified technicians will diagnose the problem and provide you with a fair and competitive estimate. Call (440) 428-2677 to speak with a team member, or visit their website to learn more about their services.