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4 Reasons Why DIY Garage Door Part Installation Isn’t Such a Good Idea August 7, 2017

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4 Reasons Why DIY Garage Door Part Installation Isn’t Such a Good Idea, Carlsbad, New Mexico

Are you having trouble with your garage door? Whether it’s starting to act out sporadically or has quit working altogether, a number of signs indicate the need for new garage door parts. However, before you reach for that wrench, take a moment to consider the dangers involved with this repair. After many years spent providing top-notch garage door installations, the professionals at Browning Garage Doors in Carlsbad, NM, encourage homeowners to avoid DIY garage door repair for the following four reasons.

4 Reasons to Avoid DIY Installation of New Garage Door Parts

Garage Door Springs Are Unsafe

There are springs attached to garage doors that uncoil as the door opens, making it easier to lift up and out of the way. While they might not look dangerous, you’re actually placing yourself directly in harm’s way when working around these springs. One wrong move and they could quickly snap out of position and cause major injuries.

Garage Door Repair Isn’t a Simple Task

garage door partsIt might seem like an easy enough job to perform a garage door repair, but, in reality, it’s not that simple. These mechanisms contain a plethora of minute details that must be perfectly aligned for the door to function properly. If you aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of these products, you could end up doing more harm than good.

Garage Door Tools Are Very Specific

When it comes to installing brand-new garage door parts, you can’t just use a hammer or a wrench. Specific tools are required and purchasing them for a one-time repair could easily break the bank. Plus, being unsure of how to use the tools could result in injury to you or a loved one.

Garage Door Parts Might Be Incorrect

Garage doors require different parts and tools depending on how they’re manufactured, which makes it easy to confuse aspects that look the same. Be mindful that installing the wrong part could lead to additional issues and the need for repairs.

If you need professional garage door service, don’t attempt to take care of it on your own. Connect with the experts at Browning Garage Doors to determine which garage door parts are needed for the repair. Call (575) 887-7975 to talk directly with a representative. Visit their website or Facebook page for additional information.

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