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3 Tips to Encourage Kids to Wear Their First Pair of Eyeglasses August 8, 2017

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3 Tips to Encourage Kids to Wear Their First Pair of Eyeglasses, Cold Spring, Kentucky

When an eye doctor says your child needs eyeglasses, you’re probably relieved, as this means soon they’ll be able to see better. But, just because your son or daughter needs glasses doesn’t mean they’ll want to wear them. You may find it difficult to get your child used to the idea of keeping their glasses on to read or throughout the whole day. Below, Wing Eyecare in Cincinnati, OH, shares five tips they’ve learned to encourage kids to wear glasses from their over 100 years of experience providing eyewear to people of all ages.

3 Tips to Encourage Kids to Wear Their First Pair of Eyeglasses

1. Get Fun Frames

Embarrassment is one major reason many children don’t want to wear their eyeglasses. They think other kids will make fun of them. Work with your child to pick out frames they love, and they’ll want to wear them everywhere! Chunky plastic frames come in tons of colors and patterns and stand out as bold accessories. Or, opt for wire frames so your child is happy their glasses are barely noticeable.

2. Create a Reward Chart

Many families use reward systems for important steps, like when a child sleeps the whole night in their own bed or is learning to use the potty. Follow a similar idea to encourage your little one to wear their glasses. Maybe an hour of wearing the glasses equals one sticker on the chart, and 10 stickers equal a fun trip to the aquarium or a little toy reward. 

3. Talk About Why Glasses Are Important

eyeglassesFor older kids, it’s easy to notice how much better they can see when wearing their glasses. They’ll start to wear them on their own because they like seeing the world clearly and being able to read and participate in school. Younger ones, however, don’t quite equate their improved vision with glasses. Talk them through why it’s important to wear the glasses so they better understand why you keep asking them to put the glasses back on.

Soon, wearing their eyeglasses will become a routine as your child puts them on in the morning and takes them off at night. Your family eye doctor will make sure the glasses fit and are comfortable for your child before you leave their office so your little one can wear them all day with no problems. To learn more about glasses, contact lenses, and eye exams for kids, call Wing Eyecare at (888) 274-9464 or visit the website.

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