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3 Summer Maintenance Tips to Keep Plumbing Systems Operating Smoothly August 7, 2017

New Britain, Hartford County
3 Summer Maintenance Tips to Keep Plumbing Systems Operating Smoothly, New Britain, Connecticut

From operating sprinkler systems and outdoor Jacuzzi tubs to increasing the number of showers taken each day, there are plenty of ways people use more water during the summer months. The increased activity causes plumbing system strain and higher utility bills. Luckily, the team at Rutkowski Plumbing & Heating has a few suggestions to cut down on water usage and keep systems running smoothly. For over 50 years, the company has been a fixture in New Britain, CT, providing area residents with plumbing repair service and heating system solutions to improve the efficiency and comfort of their homes. 

Below, the local plumbers share three upkeep tips to ensure your plumbing system can handle the demands of summer:

  • plumbingBe Mindful of When You Water Grass: To keep grass hydrated, lawns need to be watered daily during summer. In the afternoon, when the sun is at its peak, it might seem like the best time to turn on sprinklers, but it’s actually the worst. The sun’s rays evaporate water before it gets a chance to seep down to the root system. You might keep sprinklers on longer to combat the excessive heat, using more water and energy in the process. Instead, water the landscape early in the morning before the sun rises or in the evening after it sets. 
  • Watch What You Throw Down the Drain: Calendars are often peppered with backyard barbecues during the summer months. When hosting festivities, make sure leftovers end up in trash cans and not sinks. Food residue clogs drains, leading to a host of additional plumbing problems. If food does end up in the sink, place a mesh guard over the drain as a barrier. 
  • Adjust Water Heater Temperature Settings: During summers in Connecticut, you are bound to sweat while out and about. To wash away that sticky feeling, you might want to shower a few times during the day. You can save energy and lower utility bills by reducing the water heater temperature setting during summer. 

Although you can take the DIY approach to plumbing maintenance and repairs, it’s always best to enlist professional help. For assistance in New Britain and the surrounding areas, call Rutkowski Plumbing & Heating at (860) 223-8569 today. Visit the company online to learn more about their effective solutions to your plumbing problems, and like them on Facebook for news. 

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