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NutriMost Watchung: Top 3 Ways to Reduce Belly Fat August 18, 2017

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NutriMost Watchung: Top 3 Ways to Reduce Belly Fat, Watchung, New Jersey

Not all body fat is equal. Although too much of any type of fat is not good for you, researchers have found that abdominal fat, also called visceral fat, is the worst of the bunch. Abdominal obesity, or excess fatty tissue in the abdominal cavity, causes organ dysfunction, raises cholesterol and blood pressure, and makes it difficult to regulate blood sugar and insulin. For these reasons, it is important to reduce belly fat if you tend to put on weight around the middle. NutriMost Watchung, offering effective weight control and health services in Somerset County, New Jersey, discusses some of the best ways to reduce belly fat safely, quickly, and effectively.

3 Key Ways to Reduce Belly Fat

1. Reduce Sweets

Avoid refined sugar, candy, and sugary drinks (including fruit juice and sports drinks), and products containing high fructose corn syrup. Studies have shown that when presented with large quantities of fructose, the liver turns it into fat that accumulates in the belly. Note that table sugar contains considerable fructose, as well.

2. Eat More Protein & Fiber

Reduce belly fatA diet replete with protein and soluble fiber helps you feel full and avoid food cravings, and is therefore instrumental to effective weight control. Some evidence indicates that protein (and to some extent, fiber) consumption is inversely proportional to abdominal fat accumulation, so a diet rich in both should help reduce belly fat.

3. Exercise

Regular aerobic exercise is very effective at treating abdominal obesity, and it offers other health benefits, as well. For instance, swimming, walking, running, and hiking burn fat, reduce blood sugar levels, and reduce inflammation. Note that "spot" reduction does not work; sit-ups, for instance, have little impact on abdominal fat amounts.

NutriMost Watchung, the leading weight control program in Central New Jersey, provides holistic methods that educate and inspire clients to embrace a healthy lifestyle, reduce belly fat, and enjoy life to the fullest. Visit their Facebook page for contact info and directions, or call (908) 279-7740 to schedule a consultation.

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