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3 Smart Reasons to Visit an Auto Shop After a Curb Collision August 14, 2017

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3 Smart Reasons to Visit an Auto Shop After a Curb Collision, Anchorage, Alaska

Of all the things a car can hit, a curb can appear to be the most innocuous. However, just because it seems that your car has sustained minimal damage, this may be far from the truth. Dean’s Automotive Service Center has seen many after-effects of curb collisions, and their team knows how harmful the effects can be. If you suspect any damage has been caused as a result of the impact, you should take your car immediately to the auto shop.

Tire Damage

Hitting a curb at even a slow speed can do damage to the grip of your tires. The effect of a curb on tire may not appear immediately. Keep a close watch over your tires for the next hundred miles or so to see if they have been significantly degraded.

Rod Displacement

auto shopThe purpose of car rods is to connect the tires with the steering system. If an imbalance has been created by hitting a curb you’ll notice that the steering system won’t display the same sensitivity it did before the accident. If you suspect that the rod has been moved out of place, you should see a mechanic immediately if you feel it’s safe to drive to the auto repair shop.

Control Arm Malfunction

A control arm—also known as an A-arm—is responsible for the movement of a car’s suspension. It’s also in charge of making sure that the vehicle’s spindles and axles are firmly held in place. Even a slight crash into a curb can damage a vehicle’s suspension and require a repair.

Don’t assume that a curb collision doesn’t have serious consequences. A host of issues may arise out of this seemingly minor accident. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, call Dean’s Automotive Service Center auto shop at (907) 276-5731.

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