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3 Tips for Pre-Planning Funeral Arrangements August 18, 2017

3 Tips for Pre-Planning Funeral Arrangements, ,

Many people avoid pre-planning funeral arrangements because they think it’s too hard to talk about. While discussing memorial services and cremation may be difficult, it’s helpful to let your loved ones know what you want now so they can follow your wishes when the time comes. Below, Vitt, Stermer & Anderson Funeral Home in Cincinnati, OH, shares three tips for pre-planning funeral arrangements to help you get started.

3 Tips for Pre-Planning Funeral Arrangements

1. Explore All the Options

Do you already have an idea in mind for what you’d like to happen to your physical being after you’ve passed on? If not, it’s important to explore all of your options, like cremation and different types of burial services. Learn about each option and their costs before making a decision. 

2. Select a Place to Host Your Service

pre-planning funeralNext, consider potential locations where you’d like your loved ones to celebrate your life. Funeral homes, churches, and outdoor spaces provide beautiful backdrops for your friends and family to grieve together and share stories about your life. Choose a location that can hold all your loved ones and offers the look and feel that you want.

3. Choose a Final Resting Place

Finally, decide on where you’d like your physical being to go after your services. You may select a family burial plot you’ve already purchased, or perhaps you’d prefer your cremated ashes are spread somewhere special. Talk this choice over with family and friends to get their input, but ultimately this important decision is up to you.

When pre-planning funeral arrangements, make sure to write everything down so your loved ones can easily follow your preferences in the future. You can also note any achievements you’d like mentioned in your obituary or special flowers you’d like at your service. For further information about funeral services, grief and healing, call Vitt, Stermer & Anderson Funeral Home at (513) 939-2273 or visit their website.