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3 Reasons to Get Your Athletic Mouthguard From a Dentist July 28, 2017

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3 Reasons to Get Your Athletic Mouthguard From a Dentist, Westminster, Colorado

As fun as sports are, without the proper protection, they create a big risk for your teeth and mouth to become damaged. As such, wearing a mouthguard is crucial to maintain your oral health and physical well-being. But where should you get these pieces of protective equipment from?

The team at Smile Rockers in Westminster, CO, highly suggests picking up your next mouthguard from your dentist. Below, they share a few reasons why you should opt to purchase it from your dental care provider, rather than a retailer or outside source.

Why You Should Get Your Athletic Mouthguard From a Dentist

1. Comfort

When you buy a pre-made mouthguard, you have no way of knowing if it will fit your mouth properly. If it doesn’t, you may have to cut it to make it the right length. This could leave jagged edges that irritate your gums and cheeks. Dentist-made mouthguards, however, are customized to your mouth, so they fit perfectly. 

2. Protection

mouthguardBecause professionally fitted mouthguards are secure, they provide better protection. These guards won’t go flying out of your mouth in the middle of a big sporting event, leaving your teeth vulnerable to damage.

3. Durability

Dentists use high-quality, durable materials when they make personal mouthguards. Some opt for acrylic, while others use plastic or a combination of the two. As such, you can rest assured that your protective equipment will last longer than a single sporting season—just make sure you clean it properly and store it in its case when it’s not being used.


No matter which sport you play, protecting your mouth is crucial. Wearing a mouthguard made by a dental professional will help you avoid expensive oral procedures from accidental trauma. If you have further questions about the benefits of mouthguards, the team at Smile Rockers would be happy to help. Give them a call today at (303) 952-9796 to schedule a consultation, and visit their website for more information on their services.  

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