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3 Smart Places to Install Surveillance Cameras in Your Home August 2, 2017

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3 Smart Places to Install Surveillance Cameras in Your Home, Waterford, Connecticut

Every year, there are approximately 3.7 million home burglaries in the United States; in roughly 1 million of these burglaries, at least one person is at home when the break-in occurs. Because no home is an impenetrable fortress, you need to take steps to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your belongings. The best way to do this is to install security alarm systems and surveillance cameras in effective locations.

Put Surveillance Cameras in These Areas to Keep Your Home Safe

1. Front Door

As unbelievable as it may sound, many burglars enter right through the front door of the house. Install a surveillance camera well above the height of the door, preferably on a second level, to keep the intruders from dislodging and disabling the camera. If your home is one story, install it high enough that it cannot be easily reached.

2. Back Door

Back doors are also a popular choice for intruders since they can’t be seen approaching the home by neighbors and passersby. Placing a camera here will protect both sides of your home. Follow the same installation guidelines as you did for the front door.

surveillance cameras3. Windows Not Facing the Street

Your home's side and back windows are another means of entry for intruders, as there is little threat of being visible to anyone on the street. Install surveillance cameras above windows and out of reach of burglars. If you have many ground-level windows on the sides and back of your house, install a camera from a distant vantage point, such as a fence, but ensure it is close enough to make out details. You can also install multiple cameras in several strategic areas.


For assistance installing your surveillance cameras, work with the team at ASP Security Systems. They’ve offered a full line of products and services designed to protect your house, your business, and your vehicle since 1972. Call (860) 442-2016, visit their website, or like them on Facebook to start exploring their available security equipment.

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