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4 Ways Massages Benefit Athletes August 18, 2017

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4 Ways Massages Benefit Athletes, Wood-Ridge, New Jersey

When you’re an athlete, your body goes through a lot. From aching joints to tense muscles, finding techniques that help it recover is imperative to your well-being. Massage therapy offers tons of benefits for all types of athletes, and regular appointments can help get your body get back in good condition. Here, Oasys Day Spa in Wood-Ridge, NJ, explains how massages can help you.

4 Benefits of Massage for Athletes

1. Increase Range of Motion

Athletes need a large range of motion to continue playing sports and being active without injuring their joints. Massages focus on stretching the muscles and increasing your overall movement around your joints. By naturally stimulating more fluids throughout the body, your joints will get the lubrication they need to move properly.

2. Promote Mental & Physical Relaxation

massagesMassages are helpful for both mental and physical health. Setting aside time to focus on your well-being will help your body recover or allow you to prepare for a big game. In addition, serotonin is released, which can cause you to feel less stress.

3. Decrease Muscle Tightness

Working out or playing sports can leave you with stiff muscles that have trouble moving. Deep-tissue massages are a perfect way to ease that tension and increase your flexibility. This particular type uses deep pressure to work through tight muscles and remove any knots. While you might feel a little sore afterward, the stiffness will be gone. 

4. Improve Circulation

Massages help to increase and promote better circulation through pushing and pulling the muscles. This movement helps to push waste away from them, which often results in lower blood pressure.

Oasys Day Spa in Wood-Ridge, NJ, can help you unwind from life’s biggest stressors. Whether you’re interested in a facial treatment, want to book a spa party, or need a deep-tissue massage to accompany your active lifestyle, you can find them all in one place. Browse a full list of services online, or call them today at (201) 728-4212 to book your next appointment.