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FAQ: 4 Common Questions About Transmission Service August 15, 2017

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FAQ: 4 Common Questions About Transmission Service, East Haven, Connecticut

Many drivers are familiar with routine maintenance tasks like car tuneups and brake service, but they’re often unsure about whether they also need a transmission service. This equipment helps you shift gears while you’re driving, so it needs to be in good condition at all times. The experienced mechanics at Affordable Transmissions in New Haven, CT, understand how important this component is for keeping you safe on the road. Here, they answer a few common questions about how often it needs professional attention and what you can expect during your appointment.

4 Frequently Asked Questions About Transmission Service

Do I Need to Schedule Service as Frequently as an Oil Change?

Your vehicle’s transmission is designed to operate for years without requiring maintenance. Although every manufacturer has a recommendation, most drivers won’t need to schedule service until they’ve passed the 100,000-mile mark. However, if the engine struggles to shift into gear, you may need to see a mechanic sooner.

Should I Change the Fluid Each Year?

transmission service New Haven CTTransmission fluid does not need to be changed often, but if the levels are low, and the liquid looks cloudy or dirty, there may be a problem with the vehicle. Inspect your fluid between transmission services to make sure the levels are sufficient, and the color is still a translucent pink. If the levels are low, you can refill it at home, but you need to call a mechanic if the fluid is discolored.

Is a Fluid Change Necessary?

Neglecting to change the fluid is the easiest way to damage your vehicle. As the fluid circulates, it picks up dirt and grime. Over time, the debris can clog the transmission, causing it to overheat. This leads to long-term damage and expensive repairs.

Does It Matter What Fluid I Use?

Car manufacturers offer recommendations to help drivers buy the right fluid for their transmission type. Automatic and manual vehicles use different fluids because the systems operate differently. Automatic systems use the fluid to lubricate the parts and generate hydraulic pressure, while manual systems use the fluid for lubrication only. During your transmission service, the mechanic will select the replacement fluid that is right for your vehicle.

You rely on your car every day, so take the time to make sure every component is in good working order. If you have trouble changing gears, it may be time for a transmission service. You can count on the experts at Affordable Transmissions to diagnose and repair the issue, so you can get back on the road quickly. Visit them online for more information and call (203) 466-6580 to make an appointment.