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Understanding Family Law: What You Need to Know About Divorce Before You File August 2, 2017

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Understanding Family Law: What You Need to Know About Divorce Before You File, Dothan, Alabama

Family law is complicated, and resolving even amicable divorce proceedings can be challenging, especially if there are children or significant assets involved. If you are considering filing for divorce and you want to protect your personal and financial interests, turn to The Law Office of Peter A. McInish. Peter McInish is a seasoned divorce attorney in Dothan, AL, who will help you secure the most favorable settlement possible. Below, he shares just a few things you should know about divorce before you actually file.

1. You Have a Say in the Asset Distribution

family lawMost couples are surprised to learn that they actually have a significant amount of control over their divorce settlement—as long as they can devise a reasonable agreement.

Start by listing all of your assets and liabilities in a spreadsheet, and see if you can agree on who keeps what. If there are a few contested assets, talk to your family law attorney about possible negotiation strategies for securing what you really want.

2. You Will Need to Gather a Lot of Documents

As soon as you know you want to file for divorce, start gathering all of your financial documents. Make copies for yourself, and keep them in a safe place, where your spouse does not have access to them. Requesting pertinent documents can be a lengthy process, so start compiling them as soon as possible.

3. You Must Meet Specific Deadlines

Every county has its own deadlines for filing various documents. Turn to a local attorney who knows these deadlines to prevent any unnecessary delays.

4. There Will Be a Child Support Agreement if You Share Children

Even if you and your spouse agree on joint custody, the court is still going to order one of you to pay child support to the other. The specific details of the agreement will ultimately depend on your individual incomes.

5. Alimony Is Negotiable

In most cases, it is possible to negotiate your alimony agreement. Although there are specific guidelines for calculating child support, spousal support is much more flexible.

If you want to file for divorce, turn to The Law Office of Peter A. McInish in Dothan, AL. Visit his website to learn more about his range of practice areas, including real estate law and probate, or call (334) 671-2555 to schedule an initial consultation with a family law attorney today. 

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