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Wrought Iron Railings & More: Considerations for Your Landscape Design July 26, 2017

Elsmere, Covington
Wrought Iron Railings & More: Considerations for Your Landscape Design, Covington, Kentucky

If you’re seeking innovative ways to add elegant details to your landscape design, there’s no better choice than wrought iron. With wrought iron railings, gates, and trellises, you can incorporate timeless, captivating focal points into your property. As a leading fabricator of custom iron work, Elsmere Ironworks in Elsmere, KY, has been serving homeowners, businesses, and builders with high-quality craftsmanship for nearly 60 years.

Here, their detail-oriented fabricators share some unique ideas for bringing wrought iron into your landscape:

  • Patio/Deck Railings: Wrought iron railings have both functional and aesthetic value when used to section off decks or patios. Not only do they provide a striking separation between your living space and your landscaping; they can also section off specific areas, such as boundaries for pools, grills, or other outdoor features. Additionally, if the patio or deck is located above ground-level, they also provide safety.
  • wrought iron railingsWalk Gates: Custom wrought iron walk gates can add charm to any garden or a specific section of your yard. They can also deter critters, provide security, and act as an entryway for only those permitted to pass. The coveted beauty of iron walk gates is highly sought-after among homeowners and can complement any landscape.
  • Trellises & Arbors: For vining plants like clematis, wisteria, and morning glories, wrought iron trellises can provide a stable support system. Arbors are also highly useful for providing shade in sunny backyards, and they also create an inviting, cozy ambiance for entertaining.

No matter which of the above you choose, wrought iron is an excellent material due to its durability and variety of available designs. By working with precise iron fabricators such as those at Elsmere Ironworks, homeowners can add an element of personalization to their outdoor living spaces. Whether you have a distinct vision or you’d like to be inspired by the shop’s stunning showroom, Elsmere Ironworks is committed to your satisfaction. From traditional-style wrought iron railings to sleek, contemporary railings, they’ll make your dream a reality. Call (859) 727-2505 to discuss your project, or visit their website to browse through their gallery. You can also like them on Facebook for the latest news and updates.