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Series 1, Part 5: Can I Stop or Slow Down Rust by Painting Over a Corroded Metal Door Frame? February 24, 2018

Brighton, Livingston
Series 1, Part 5: Can I Stop or Slow Down Rust by Painting Over a Corroded Metal Door Frame?, Brighton, Michigan

So, you have a corroded metal door frame. Thanks to the first four installments of Door Innovation’s three-part series, you know not only what caused this rust or oxide to form but also how it poses risks to your place of business. You decide to grab some tools and tackle the issue yourself when you spot a fresh can of paint.  

The Question: Can I Stop or Slow Down Rust by Painting Over a Corroded Metal Door Frame?

Many business owners believe that paint wipes away rust and oxide, stopping both substances in their tracks. If it can give your walls a “fresh start,” why not your entryways? This logic might make sense if corrosion were only a surface-level problem. But, according to these Brighton, MI-based door frame repair specialists, the opposite is true.

The Answer: No, But You Can Use the Jamb Patch or Anchor

Yes, you can paint over rust. However, that paint will not stop the corrosion process. As established in past weeks, corroded metal door frames – whether made of aluminum or steel – are caused by extended exposure to moisture. So, even if you chip away most of the rust or oxide and repaint the surface, you’re not dealing with the problem at its source. Also, if you can visibly see damage along the jamb, chances are failure has already begun, and the frame will continue to deteriorate unless the system is repaired or replaced.

corroded metal door frameFortunately, Door Innovation’s patented jamb anchor and jamb patch kits will remedy the problem for less than half the cost of full system replacement. Both are easy to use and come with nearly all the equipment you’ll need, plus step-by-step instructions. Their installation may not be as fast as applying commercial paint, but each provides superior results that last. For aluminum systems, these door frame repair specialists recommend the jamb anchor and for steel, the jamb patch.

Next time, Door Innovation will further quantify the problem at hand by defining how much corrosion is too much for a commercial door frame to have. Until then, you can order the jamb anchor and jamb patch kits online. If you have a specific question about your corroded metal door frame, call Door Innovation at (517) 518-8979 today.