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Ask a Veterinarian: Is It Too Late to Vaccinate My Dog? September 28, 2017

Waipahu, Ewa
Ask a Veterinarian: Is It Too Late to Vaccinate My Dog?, Ewa, Hawaii

Veterinarians overwhelmingly agree vaccinating dogs is the best way to keep them safe against serious illnesses, like Lyme disease, rabies, and canine parvovirus. Yet, at certain stages of their lives and under specific circumstances, some owners may wonder whether it’s too late to vaccinate their dogs. From Hawaii’s best veterinary hospital, Waipahu Waikele Pet Hospital, a team of leading veterinarians is here to weigh in.

One scenario in which owners might question vaccinations is adoption. For instance, if a puppy has been adopted, its new owners may not have vet records containing information about which shots were administered (if any). Additionally, pet owners may wonder about the schedule for boosters, since each state has its own laws. While rabies vaccination is required in nearly every state, some require yearly boosters, while others mandate rabies vaccinations every three years.

veterinarian Waipahu HIIn some cases, owners may express concerns regarding vaccine risks. However, vaccinations have advanced significantly in recent years and some are now less likely to cause allergic reactions. Because veterinarians cannot determine a dog’s precise level of immunity to a specific disease, many recommend regular vaccinations and boosters to safeguard their health and protect them against potentially fatal diseases, as long as there are no known allergic reactions to the vaccine.

Ultimately, veterinarians make vaccination recommendations on a case-by-case basis. Factors like the risk of exposure, the severity of the disease, and the possibility of transmitting it to humans will be considered. Additionally, the age of the dog plays a role in determining whether to vaccinate; dogs older than four months will likely receive two doses of distemper combination vaccines, while those younger than four months will likely follow the regular schedule of vaccinations recommended for puppies.

While some vaccinations are mandated by law, others are a matter of choice. As experienced and compassionate veterinarians, the team from Waipahu Waikele Pet Hospital will always make recommendations with your pet’s wellness in mind and will provide you with as many resources as possible to make the best animal care decisions for your dog. To schedule a visit for your dog, call (808) 671-7387 or contact the animal hospital online. You can also like them on Facebook for the latest news and updates.   

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