Milbank, South Dakota
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The real estate professionals at EXIT Realty Upper Midwest in Milbank, SD are determined to do what it takes to exceed in their career and provide exceptional service to their clients. Coached with real estate agent investor training and filled with genuine passion, EXIT Realty Upper Midwest has gone above and beyond their real estate franchise status quo.

Real Estate Franchise Discusses Why You Should Become a Part of EXIT Realty’s Succession August 8, 2017

Milbank, Grant
Real Estate Franchise Discusses Why You Should Become a Part of EXIT Realty’s Succession, Milbank, South Dakota

Becoming a real estate entrepreneur is an excellent career opportunity; however, many people have hesitations when it comes to planning for succession. Fortunately, EXIT Realty Upper Midwest offers amazing retirement benefits for real estate franchise owners. Serving agents throughout Wisconsin, Iowa, the Dakotas, and Minnesota, the industry-leading company wants to continue rewarding their dedicated agents even after they leave the business.

Continued Income After Retirement

real estate franchiseA career in real estate often means no paid vacations, zero benefits, and an unstable income. This is why EXIT Realty changed the industry by developing the EXIT formula, a plan that offers all real estate franchise owners a chance to receive multiple streams of income, even after retirement. In addition to all the commission you received on sales, for every agent you’ve recruited into EXIT Realty, you will also receive a percentage of all their sales. This residual income continues even after you’ve retired from the industry. If you recruit new agents after your retirement period, you will also receive the same privileges.

Beneficiary Plan

It’s also important to think of your family’s well-being in case something were to happen to you. EXIT Realty offers a beneficiary residual plan for this reason. A percentage of all the sponsoring bonuses you have built up from your time with EXIT Realty will be reserved as added security for your family.

Whether you’re looking for a new beginning with a career in real estate or a seasoned agent ready for retirement, you can count on EXIT Realty Upper Midwest to provide the resources and support you need to achieve success. For more information about their succession plan, contact the real estate franchise today at (612) 414 4022 or visit their website

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