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Kerrville Excavation & Paving Company Helps You Choose the Right Driveway Material August 11, 2017

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Kerrville Excavation & Paving Company Helps You Choose the Right Driveway Material, Kerrville, Texas

Choosing the right driveway material largely depends on your budget and the style of your home, but it’s also important to consider the area’s weather conditions. You need a surface that will withstand anything from heat and humidity to cold air and precipitation. The following guide outlines three popular choices that will hold up year-round. All you have to do is choose the one that suits your budget and maintenance preferences.

Your Guide to Driveway Materials


Asphalt driveways are one of the most popular types because they can handle temperature variations better than other materials. The surface is flexible, allowing it to shrink and expand in response to the weather. Although asphalt is inexpensive, it requires more maintenance and must be resealed periodically. However, the driveway can last for up to 20 years with proper care. Homeowners who enjoy working on their cars prefer asphalt because oil leaks are less visible on the dark surface. Decorative stamped designs can be added to asphalt to enhance its visual appeal.


driveway Kerrville TXThis driveway material can take up to a week to install and cure, but it is low-maintenance, making it an attractive option. While concrete is more expensive than asphalt, it lasts longer and is more versatile because it can be tinted and stamped to mimic bricks or stone. Vehicle fluid leaks and spills may leave visible stains on concrete driveways, but the surface can be cleaned with a power washer or by hand using a solution of hot water and dish detergent.


If you want your driveway to stand out like a work of art, pavers are the way to go. This type of driveway can be made of individual bricks, stones, or cement or clay pieces that are laid by hand. These materials are available in a wide range of colors and textures and can be arranged in a variety of patterns. The installation can take up to a week, and the labor-intensive process makes a paver-covered driveway more expensive than asphalt or concrete. While these surfaces are ornate, they are surprisingly easy to maintain. If an area is damaged, you only have to replace the affected pieces to restore your driveway.


When you’re ready to upgrade your driveway, the excavating contractors at Back Acres Excavating Service in Kerrville, TX, will ensure your home looks its best. The team will create a level surface, so the paving stage goes smoothly. They use the industry’s best tools and techniques for every land clearing project, ensuring your satisfaction. Call (830) 739-1944 or visit them online for more information about their services. 

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