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Common Types of Farm Equipment You Need to Run a Farm August 1, 2017

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Common Types of Farm Equipment You Need to Run a Farm, Harris, North Carolina

Both livestock and crop farmers rely heavily on farm equipment for their daily tasks. Advancements in machinery have allowed farms to increase their productivity and enhance their profits as a result of their efficiency and simplification of tasks. Whether you're considering starting a farm or interested in various types of equipment, take a look at three of the most common types of equipment used.

3 Common Types of Farm Equipment


Tractors are one of the most important pieces of farm equipment for all types of agricultural businesses. They're available in a variety of sizes and, combined with the range of products to which they can be attached; tractors are a versatile and useful tool. From hay season to planting season, this is the top piece of equipment needed to run a successful farm.

Tillers & Plows

farm equipmentTillers and plows essentially accomplish the same job, but they function differently. Commercial plows attach to tractors and are perfect for large farms while small, push-operated tillers are great for small to large gardens up to an acre in size. This equipment is designed to prepare the soil for planting and allow for the necessary air, moisture, and space needed for crop growth.


Spreaders are another popular and essential piece of farm equipment for crop farmers. The machinery is attached to a tractor and is designed to spread a variety of materials, such as seed, over the soil. They're also commonly used for fertilizer and soil treatments that increase the productivity and growth of plants.


The professionals at Stanly Tractor Company understand the value that sturdy and reliable farm equipment provides to local farmers. Since 1962, the power equipment dealer has provided Albemarle, NC, residents with access to the most dependable products on the market. Whether you're looking for new machinery or need tractor parts, the team takes pride in their superior customer service and variety of machinery. Learn more by calling (704) 983-1106 or visit their online showroom.  

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