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4 Tips to Increase Heating & Air Conditioning Efficiency September 1, 2017

Forked River,
4 Tips to Increase Heating & Air Conditioning Efficiency, Forked River, New Jersey

Extreme temperatures can tempt everyone to crank up their heating or cooling system. However, keeping your home comfortable can be detrimental to your utility bill. To help, ADE Heating and Cooling, an elite heating and air conditioning company in Forked River, NJ, shares a few ways to increase HVAC efficiency.

Consider these tricks to help maintain a comfortable temperate without damaging your bank account:

  • Keep It Clean: If your vents are blocked by debris, your heating and air conditioning system will have to work harder to reach your desired temperature. Check your unit for stray leavings, bird feathers, nests, and wandering trash. Keep bushes and trees trimmed, and ensure that weeds are not growing into the system. 

  • heating and air conditioningStay Shaded: Keeping your heating and air conditioning unit in the shade can increase efficiency. If your unit is not shaded naturally by a tree or other source, consider other ways to cover it, such as an umbrella.

  • Use as Needed: Do not keep your air conditioning or heat running while you are away. While at work, turn the temperature up during the summertime. Likewise, in the winter, turn it down. This will prevent your system from running excessively throughout the day. This tip alone can help reduce your monthly bill.

  • Use Shades: Be aware of windows and the sun. Glass will let in an enormous amount of heat in the afternoon and evening if left untouched. Cover your windows with heavy curtains or blinds to block the rays.

Keep your home comfortable by following a few simple efficiency tips during the summer and winter months. If you need HVAC service in south or central New Jersey, consider ADE Heating and Cooling. Their attention to detail and focus on customer satisfaction makes them the top choice for your heating and air conditioning system. For more information, visit their website and call (609) 693-6050 today.

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