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FAQ: What to Expect From Your First Sleepaway Summer Camp Experience September 22, 2017

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FAQ: What to Expect From Your First Sleepaway Summer Camp Experience, Piermont, New Hampshire

Going to a sleepaway summer camp for the first time is exciting, but it can also be a little scary. It’s helpful for children and their parents to learn about what to expect. The staff at Camp Walt Whitman welcomes kids from many different communities to their unique New England summer camp and provides them with unforgettable experiences and meaningful friendships. They understand that new campers and their families often have questions, so they offer their answers to the most common queries below.

FAQs About Preparing for Sleepaway Summer Camp

What Is the Big Brother/Big Sister Program?

Each camper in the first through fourth grades is assigned an older camper to be their Big Brother or Big Sister throughout the summer. Before camp starts, they will be available to answer your questions and offer additional information about events and activities. They will also be there to greet you on the first day and serve as a valuable resource throughout the session.

When Will I Hear From My Unit Leader?

Unit leaders will contact campers before the session start date, so they have the chance to learn more about one another before meeting in person. It is their number one goal to make sure you have the best summer camp experience possible, and they are eager to get to know you.

What Is the Purpose of Creating a Biography?

sleepaway summer camp Piermont NHAfter signing up for sleepaway summer camp, participants are asked to create a biography and submit it online. This will give the staff a good idea what activities you are interested in and what worries you might have. Biographies are also used to assign cabins and help kids with similar interests meet one another.

How Will I Arrive at Camp?

You will arrive by bus with several counselors and other campers. All first-time attendees are given a T-shirt to wear on the way, signifying they are new. This lets everyone else know they should take the time to welcome you and show you how much fun you’re going to have.

What Happens When I Get There?

When campers get off the bus, the counselors will be waiting to take everyone to their cabins and make introductions. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to unpack and get a feel for the camp environment with a guided tour.

What Happens If I Feel Homesick?

It’s understandable to miss home when you’re someplace new, but the staff and other campers are available to offer support and help you feel more at ease. The camp’s activities are designed to help you meet people who will quickly become as close as family.

The more parents and children know about sleepaway summer camp, the easier it will be to alleviate concerns and feelings of uncertainty—and this ensures kids will have a fun and memorable summer. To learn more about Camp Walt Whitman’s facilities and activities, call (800) 657-8282, or visit them online.

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