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How to Properly Clean a Used Guitar August 15, 2017

Tulsa, Tulsa County
How to Properly Clean a Used Guitar, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Musical instruments need to be cleaned regularly because they accumulate dust and grime, just like everything else in your home. Tulsa Band & Guitars knows how important it is to take good care of your used guitar; they have repaired numerous guitars in Oklahoma. To ensure your instrument stays in great shape, they share a few tips on properly cleaning it.

Clean the Dust & Grime

You can easily remove dust with a feather duster or a dry cloth. To remove dust from the hardware underneath the strings, where it’s difficult to reach, you can use a camel’s hair paint brush. It also helps if you store your guitar in a special guitar case so it’s not exposed to dust particles when you’re not using it.

used guitarGrime is an even bigger concern for guitars than dust. Grime builds up just by using the guitar because the oil of your fingers sticks to the strings. To prevent grime from building up in the first place, you can gently wipe down the strings after each session with a polishing cloth.

Keep the Wood & Hardware Shiny

Used guitars are mostly built out of wood; to keep it shiny, you can rub it down with a cloth until the dust is completely gone. You can do the same with the hardware. If the hardware on your guitar looks a little dull, you can use a mild polish if you want, but only if it’s not abrasive.

Do you have questions about properly caring for your used guitar? Give Tulsa Band & Guitars a call at (918) 663-3210 to discuss your instrument repair needs. Their friendly staff can also help you find guitars on sale. Additionally, they offer instrument rentals that are especially convenient for new music students. Visit their website to see their selection of guitars. 

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