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How Storage Auctions Work: Tips From a Local Storage Owner August 14, 2017

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How Storage Auctions Work: Tips From a Local Storage Owner, Stayton, Oregon

Most storage companies will hold storage auctions at some point, and some even hold them on a regular basis. If you’ve ever seen the show “Storage Wars,” you may be familiar with the concept of these auctions. Perhaps, due to the televised publicity, the auctions have gained traction and are becoming more popular. To help you understand how these auctions work, the team at Stayton Mini Storage in Stayton, OR, have shared some tips and helpful information.

The Purpose of the Auction

Storage facilities do not take the fact that they are auctioning people’s personal belongings lightly. If a unit is part of an auction, it’s because the company has done everything in their power to contact the owner of the unit and receive the payment they are due.

storageWhen the customer is unable or unwilling to make their payments, the company must auction off the belongings in the unit to cover their financial losses and free up the space for the next customer. If the proceeds from the auction do not meet the balance the customer owes, the remaining balance goes to the collection agency. If the proceeds exceed the balance, the extra income will be sent to the customer.

Tips for Your Storage

If you’d like to avoid the possible auctioning of your unit, there are a few simple steps you can take. First, keep your payment information current. Set reminders or automatic billing as necessary to avoid delinquent payments and the late fees that accompany them.

Second, keep your contact information up-to-date. Your local storage company can only contact you via the information you provide, so keeping it current allows them to notify you of any issues. If you are unable to make your payments, you can still expect to receive your most important personal belongings. Your personal items, such as pictures, tax records, and personal documents must be returned to the office after the auction. Then, you may have a certain amount of time when you can pick them up; speak with your storage provider about these details.

Stayton Mini Storage is dedicated to providing the best service in the area, including competitive pricing, so you can afford high-quality storage. They have units available in all sizes, so you can pick the right size to meet your needs and won’t need to pay for unused space. Contact them online or by calling (503) 769-6464 to get started.

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