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Why Do Rain Gutters Clog? August 16, 2017

Hamilton, La Crosse County
Why Do Rain Gutters Clog?, Hamilton, Wisconsin

Rain gutters are designed to whisk water away from your home and out into the yard. If they clog, it could spell disaster. Keeping the gutters clean and preventing clogs is pivotal to protecting your investment. But why exactly do they get stopped up in the first place? Advanced Seamless in West Salem, WI, offers insight into some of the common causes of clogged gutters.

3 Causes of Clogged Rain Gutters

1.  Leaves

More often than not, it’s leaves that are causing your rain gutters to back up. When the seasons change and the leaves start falling, you need to have someone come out and perform regular gutter cleaning to minimize the buildup. Otherwise, those leaves will quickly form a barrier and prevent water from draining away from your home. 

2. Bird Nests

rain guttersBirds like to make their nests in gutters. If a bird has left its nest behind, you need to remove it as quickly as possible to prevent damage to your home. If the nest is still occupied, have a professional come to your home to make sure it’s removed without harming the animal or your residence. 

3. Toys

If you have kids, there is always the chance a toy got stuck in the rain gutters. Kids can easily toss a ball up on the roof and get it stuck in the gutter. If it isn’t removed promptly, it will prevent the rain gutters from being able to whisk the water away.

If you think your gutters might be clogged or simply want to have them inspected, you need to turn to a professional to take a look and let you know what’s going on. Ignoring the problem could lead to a damaged roof, leaks in the foundation, and mold. Speak to the professionals at Advanced Seamless in West Salem, WI about your rain gutters. Visit them online or call (608) 786-2929 today.

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