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A Brief History of Jazz Music From St. Louis's Favorite Bar August 4, 2017

Shaw Historic District, St. Louis
A Brief History of Jazz Music From St. Louis's Favorite Bar , St. Louis, Missouri

Jazz is an American-made music genre that's beloved by people all over the world. From it's Louisiana emergence to the 2000's resurgence of jazz-rock fusion, the musical style has a long, rich history. Thurman's in Shaw is a popular bar in St. Louis, MO, known for their live music. As lovers of jazz music, they think it's imperative that everyone learns more about the diverse style of music.

What Is The History of Jazz?

While music scenes in cities throughout the last century have left their stamp on the genre, including Memphis and Kansas City, its earliest development was in New Orleans in the late 1800s. The style grew out of other popular styles of music at the time like blues and swing as well as ragtime, which was created in St. Louis. By the time the roaring 20s came around, jazz music had taken over the country.

Jazz MusicAfter it's initial popularity during the 20s and 30s, the genre began to shift away from the influence of swing and transition into a complex sound known as bebop. At the same time, Cuban-influenced jazz also hit the scene. Labeled as Afro-Cuban jazz, the sound filled the space left by the swing era because it utilized an upbeat tempo that encouraged dancing.

Other variations emerged in the later 1940s into the 50s, but the style that's still most influential today came about in the 1960s. Referred to as jazz-rock fusion, the style mixed jazz with rock and roll. This blend of sounds inspired other types of music, like funk, to create a unique sound.

Part of jazz music's popularity is its ability to be customized to suit multiple tastes and musical cultures. As the style made its way around the world, nearly every territory it entered would adopt the music and add their take on the genre. 

Jazz music will never die out which is great news for its passionate fans. Hear some for yourself by visiting Thurman's in Shaw. The St. Louis pub has an affinity for jazz music, and hosts live music on a weekly basis. With outstanding pub food, specially crafted cocktails, and great music, they offer the perfect night out. Learn more by calling (314) 696-2783 or by visiting them online.

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