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Elderly Care Experts Explain How Mental Health Affects Senior Living Situations January 19, 2015

St. George, Washington
Elderly Care Experts Explain How Mental Health Affects Senior Living Situations, St. George, Utah

At some point, most seniors have to face a difficult decision. Age and overall health are often prime factors when it comes to deciding whether to opt for assisted living or experience more freedom with in-home care. However, it's also crucial to take the individual's mental health into consideration. Experienced senior care experts from Visiting Angels in St. George provide Alzheimer's care, elderly care, and similar services, which helps make the decision easier.

Here are a few health issues that may affect your decision to hire elderly care services:

  • Depression: Often referred to as the most common mental disorder in individuals aged 65 or older, typical depression symptoms in seniors are trouble concentrating, withdrawal, and apparent confusion. It's important to distinguish depression symptoms from those of dementia, a debilitating condition that profoundly affects one's memory.
  • Dementia & Alzheimer's: Dementia only affects around 10 percent of seniors aged 65 and older. Within that population, roughly 60% suffer from Alzheimer's disease, a progressive disorder that slowly leads to the destruction of brain cells. As an individual ages, his or her risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer's increases.
  • Malnutrition: Poor eating habits, whether they are due to digestion problems or the inability to properly shop or cook meals, negatively affect how the brain functions. This may result in anemia due to inadequate B12 absorption and irritability, or a decreased amount of sugar in the bloodstream, leading to personality change and confusion.

Just because a senior citizen suffers from one or more mental illnesses does not necessarily exclude him or her from enjoying the benefits of at-home care. While it's essential to ensure proper care, such as meal prep or senior companionship, some seniors will simply feel better knowing they can remain in their own home. Find more information regarding senior care by Visiting Angels in St. George by calling (435) 674-3434 or visiting them online.

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