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Pet Care Tips: 5 Ways You Can Get Pets to Take Their Meds July 28, 2017

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Pet Care Tips: 5 Ways You Can Get Pets to Take Their Meds, Perry, Georgia

As creatures of habit, dogs and cats aren’t always the most willing to indulge in new activities—especially if that activity is taking medication. But, since medications can be a critical part of pet care, it is important to make sure they are taking every dose.

If your pet isn’t a fan of their medications, Perry Animal Hospital suggests trying a few different approaches until you find one that works. While it may take a little bit of trickery, this Georgia veterinary clinic highlights a few popular techniques to helping pets take their pills.

5 Medication-Delivery Methods That Make Pet Care Easier  

1.  Request Pharmaceutical-Grade Treats

If you have access to a compounding pharmacist, you may be able to request your pet’s prescription in the form of a tasty treat. As a result, your pet won’t be able to tell it’s medicine—they may even get excited when it’s time for their therapeutic treat.  

2. Disguise With Food

pet careOne of the easiest ways to get a cat or dog to take their medication is to hide it in their regular food or a treat. Dogs, for example, will often snatch up their meds right away if it’s wrapped in a piece of cheese.

3. Use a Gel Cap

Some tablets may taste strange and be hard for your pet to swallow, even if it’s wrapped in food. To help it go down easier, consider buying empty gel caps that allow you to put the treatment inside.

4. Direct Delivery

In some cases, your cat or dog may not be interested in taking their medication no matter what form it’s in. While it may not be the most pleasant option, you may have to deliver the medication directly into their mouth.

Generally, this is done by placing the medication toward the back of the animal’s tongue to trigger a swallowing reaction. Tilt their head up and lightly massage their neck to make sure the medicine goes down. To keep you and your pet safe, be sure to review this technique with a veterinarian ahead of time.

5. Reward With a Real Treat  

If your pet’s medication needs are going to be regular, you may want to show them your appreciation by giving them a treat each time they take a dose. As time goes on, they may develop a positive association with the experience and be more willing to comply.

If you think your cat or dog may need medicated treatment, make a visit to the Perry Animal Hospital. Offering advanced experience, affordable services, and flexible financing through CareCredit, this pet care center strives to simplify the pet exam process. To schedule an appointment, call the animal hospital at (478) 224-7387.

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