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3 Important Gas Appliance Safety Tips July 31, 2017

West Plains, Howell
3 Important Gas Appliance Safety Tips, West Plains, Missouri

Space heaters, furnaces, water heaters, and other appliances that run on gas or propane must be operated safely, or they pose a risk of injury, illness, or death. To help you avoid problems, West Plains Propane, the leading gas and propane service in Missouri, offers some important gas appliance safety tips in the sections below.

3 Critical Safety Tips for Gas Appliances

1. Make Sure Your Home Has Adequate Ventilation

All types of gas appliances, including water heaters, ovens, and space heaters, deplete the oxygen in their area of use. Unless you have an adequate supply of fresh air to replenish it, the oxygen levels can become dangerously low. Make sure your home is adequately ventilated before installing a gas appliance. 

2. Look for Models With a Safety Shutoff

Gas appliancesSome space heater models have an oxygen depletion safety shutoff. It routinely tests the air to detect oxygen levels, then automatically shuts down the appliance before the amount of oxygen becomes unsafe.

3. Never Install Near Flammable Materials

Never install a water heater, space heater, range, or other propane or gas appliance near where you store flammable or explosive materials. If fumes or vapors from these materials should reach the appliance's pilot light or burner, it could be disastrous. Burners and ignition devices should be at least 18 inches from the floor. If the room features carpeting or linoleum, you should place the appliance on a stove board or metal plate to protect the flooring and reduce the chance of it igniting.

West Plains Propane is the most experienced gas and propane supply in Howell County. They have a showroom filled with quality gas appliances and a team of technicians who are trained in the safe installation and maintenance of this type of equipment. Check out their website for contact info, or call (417) 256-3470 to speak with a friendly, knowledgeable gas and propane professional about your safety concerns.

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