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Why You Should Take Your Family Kayaking This Summer July 31, 2017

North Shore, Waialua
Why You Should Take Your Family Kayaking This Summer, Waialua, Hawaii

When school's out and you're planning family activities for the summer, make room in your schedule for kayaking. This outdoor activity is a good fit for families of any size. All you need to do to arrange this memorable outing is research good boating spots in your area, rent kayaks and life vests from a local supplier, and hop into the water.

KayakingKayaking is a good choice because it combines all the best benefits of outdoor activities. As your children paddle across the water, they'll use up their restless energy and get exercise, which will help them stay healthy. You and your family will also get to enjoy nature up close, taking in the sights along the shore. And, of course, what better way is there to beat the heat than to hop off your kayak for a quick dip?

To ensure your kayaking trip is safe for everyone, you should plan ahead. Ideally, your children should have swimming lessons as soon as they're old enough. Not only does this help your child navigate the water, but it will make you more comfortable to know they can swim away from any accidents. You should also make sure your children—even the swimmers—are equipped with properly fitted life jackets. Layered clothing, sunscreen, and bug spray are essential to keep everyone comfortable during your outing. When you rent your kayaks, choose models which are easy to get back onto, in case anyone capsizes or wants to go for a swim.


Kayaking is a great family activity, especially when you plan ahead for the best experience. Start today to create a trip your children will remember. Tsue's Farm in Haleiwa, HI, offers a range of outdoor experiences for the whole family. Stop by the shrimp truck for lunch on your way out to your family kayaking adventure. To learn more or reserve equipment, call (808) 744-5428, or send a message online.