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How to Reduce Clutter & Focus on the Basics in Life & in Grief August 15, 2017

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How to Reduce Clutter & Focus on the Basics in Life & in Grief, Bristol, Connecticut

Following the death of a loved one, clarity is often found during the healing process. The all-encompassing nature of grief can inspire a shift in perspective that most humans need—a reminder to slow down and focus on what’s important in life.

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, the worst thing you can do after their funeral is to overburden yourself with frivolous obligations, unnecessary duties, and toxic relationships. To heal properly and find solace, it’s important to return to your most basic emotions and needs. During this time, remember to give yourself a breather and break through the mental and physical clutter.

The word “clutter” is often associated with piles of worthless items within a room that prevent you from seeing the space as a cohesive whole. Mental clutter works in the same way. It can be difficult to enjoy the simplicity and structural beauty of a room—or life and the pursuit of happiness—if you can’t seem to look away from the piles.

griefThese areas of clutter can take the form of a “frenemy” who you have not yet cut out of your social circle, the guest room you still haven’t painted, or the weekly bridge games you hesitantly attend with coworkers. While you process your grief, allow yourself to cut these distractions out.

Let those phone calls go to voicemail, turn auto-reply on for emails, and don’t be afraid to tell someone that you’d rather stay in for the evening. Instead, focus on hobbies you enjoy and spending time with close friends and family. Bring a book to read under a tree at your loved one’s favorite park. Life is less stressful when you whittle down your list of obligations to the few things that bring you peace and happiness.


If you need someone to rely on after the death of a loved one, turn to Dunn Funeral Home in Bristol, CT. This funeral home has been family-operated and locally owned since its inception, and it welcomes clients at any time or day. Visit their website to learn more about grief support, or give their team a call at (860) 583-9219. 

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