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How to Cut and Bulk: Muscle Gain and Weight Loss July 20, 2017

Georgetown, Scott
How to Cut and Bulk: Muscle Gain and Weight Loss, Georgetown, Kentucky

Here’s an unfortunate fact of bodybuilding… weight loss and muscle gain are almost impossible to accomplish at the same time, even with Max Muscle’s help. The reason why? When you use more calories than you take in, your body responds by metabolizing things it doesn’t need. The first thing you burn, though, isn’t fat — it’s muscle. That’s why extended cardio for weight loss can make you skinny. Fortunately, weight loss without muscle loss is still possible, as is muscle gain without fat gain. You just have to cut and bulk.

What’s Cutting and Bulking?

It’sWeight Loss simple: you divide your bodybuilding into two phases. Cutting is for weight loss. Until you’ve cut your desired amount of fat, spend more calories than you take in. This is the only way weight loss is possible, but if you really stick to it, you’ll see results. Try to maximize movement and minimize caloric intake — especially if it comes from fatty or sugary foods. After you’ve attained your weight loss goal, flip the process. This is called bulking. Start to eat more calories than you take in, prioritizing protein, and do high-weight muscle training at least three times a week. This leads to the right kind of weight gain: bigger biceps, quads, and traps… better than flabby arms, legs and neck.

Maximize Protein, Minimize Fat

Getting your protein from nuts and meat comes with a bit too much fat. Since protein is essential for both healthy eating and muscle building, you’ll need protein isolate to build your dream body. Find a great deal on great-tasting, low-fat, low-calorie protein isolate today at your local Max Muscle

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