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Essential Bicycle Safety Tips for Kids Who Bike to School August 14, 2017

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Essential Bicycle Safety Tips for Kids Who Bike to School, Honolulu, Hawaii

Taking a bicycle to school is a great way for your kids to get exercise. However, as a parent, you may have safety concerns. At Eki Cyclery, in Honolulu, HI, they understand this. That’s why the experts at this bike shop are happy to offer the following essential tips as the school year approaches.

4 Ways to Safely Ride a Bicycle to School

1. Inspect the Bike First

Before letting your child use a bicycle that’s been sitting in the garage for a while, inspect it for signs of damage or wear. To ensure their safety, ask a professional at a bike shop to handle the inspection as well as any necessary bike repairs.

2. Pick a Route

Kids may not have safety in mind when they pick a route to bike to school. Find one that has wide shoulders on the roads, far away from heavy traffic, and make it clear that this is the only route they’re allowed to take.  Practice riding to school with your child so they are comfortable with the route and are prepared for unexpected scenarios.

3. Teach Hand Signals

Bicycle-Honolulu-HIMost children aren’t familiar with the proper hand signals for bicycle safety. In the weeks leading up to the school year, practice these until you’re sure they have them memorized. A left turn is a left arm extended straight out to the left, a stop is a left arm extended downward, and a right turn is either a left arm held straight up or a right arm extended straight to the right.

4. Get Proper Gear

Make sure your child has a fresh helmet, and tell them you’ll only allow them to bike to school if they wear it. Manufacturers recommend changing helmets every two to five years as they deteriorate over time. A good lock is highly recommended for securing bikes at schools.

Letting your kids bike to school doesn’t need to be stressful. For a free bicycle inspection, bring your bike down to the professionals at Eki Cyclery in Honolulu.  Visit them online for more information, or call (808) 847-2005 with any questions.

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