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How to Avoid Water Heater Repair Services July 27, 2017

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How to Avoid Water Heater Repair Services, Penfield, New York

There’s something uniquely frustrating about having a water heater break down while you’re enjoying a warm, relaxing shower. With help from the team at Advanced Heating & Cooling, you can learn how to avoid untimely heater issues. For nearly 30 years, this Penfield, NY-based contractor has provided a comprehensive range of heater repair services to local residents. Drawing on their experience, they share a few tips to help you maintain your water heater installations in perfect working condition.

3 Tips to Avoid Water Heater Repair Services

Check Temperature Regulators

Running regular checks on the temperature regulation system can help you determine if the heater is working efficiently or not. Any settings above 140 degrees Fahrenheit can leave the water uncomfortably warm and result in faster heater wear and tear. Generally, heating installation experts recommend checking these settings every six months to adjust them per the season’s requirements.

Drain Out Some Water Regularly

Heater Repair ServicesFor homeowners with a highly mineralized supply, it’s important to drain some water regularly to clear away any sediments at the bottom of the tank. Without regular drainage, mineral precipitates can keep accumulating inside the heater cavity and cause severe damage to the tank and fittings. Repeating this practice every six months washes away tank lime buildup and spares you costly heater repair services.

Get Professional Inspections Regularly

Getting yearly maintenance services from a professional water heater installation company is essential for its optimal performance. Their qualified technicians will run thorough inspections for water leaks, tank build-ups, temperature controls, and pressure valve issues. They will also evaluate the insulation and other essential components to ensure a fully functional water heater all year round. With their comprehensive maintenance checks, you can rest assured that your home’s water heater is in the most capable hands.

This perfectly encompasses the expansive range of preventative upkeep solutions Advanced Heating & Cooling has to offer. The staff at this Penfield-based company works around the clock to furnish you with efficient heater repair services anytime you need them. Learn more about their services by calling (585) 381-2590 or visiting their website.

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