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The Legal Items Needed for Home Remodeling August 11, 2017

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The Legal Items Needed for Home Remodeling, High Point, North Carolina

You’ve decided to move forward with home remodeling. You’re already mapping out plans and creating vision boards online for what’d you like your home to look like, but there are other things to accomplish before you can begin. For instance, there are a number of legal items that need to be settled before you can move forward with your project.

Work Contract

After you’ve selected a contractor and know what work will be completed, you can’t move forward without a work contract. The contract will detail the project’s scope, timeline, budget, and more specifications about the project. Additionally, this contract should address what building codes are being addressed during the remodel.


home remodelingAlthough your contractor should arrive with the proper permits, it is ultimately your responsibility as the home owner to make sure all the paperwork is in order. Any project that involves the alteration of the home’s structure or utility usage requires a permit. Depending on what part of the country you live in and how old your home is, you could require multiple permits to have work done.


Lastly, there are several types of insurance needed before embarking on a home remodeling project. Liability insurance is needed by your contractor, but you should ask to see a copy. Liability insurance protects the workers on your job site.

You need to have homeowner’s insurance before starting a remodeling project. This is because it could come in handy if someone gets injured while working on your home, and it could fluctuate depending on what type of remodeling you’re completing.


When you’re ready to begin the process of home remodeling, it makes sense to go with an expert team. Choose B.E. Vaughan & Son, Inc. in High Point, NC. With a knowledgeable staff and top-notch equipment, they’ll have your project done in no time. For more information, visit their website or call (336) 884-8737.

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