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5 Important Animal Care Facts About Microchipping Your Dog August 3, 2017

Waipahu, Ewa
5 Important Animal Care Facts About Microchipping Your Dog, Ewa, Hawaii

Millions of dogs and cats wind up in shelters around the country every year, but only a fraction of them ever make it back home. Many pet owners are choosing to microchip their pets to increase their chances of finding them if they ever wander off. In fact, many veterinarians are recommending it as an important part of animal care and pet ownership.

5 Important Animal Care Facts About Microchipping Your Dog

1. Microchipping Is a Routine Procedure

Microchipping is a basic procedure that can be performed at any veterinarian’s office. Your vet will use a needle to place the chip right underneath your dog’s skin. Though the needle is large, the procedure is similar to a simple injection and will not hurt your dog. Still, many pet owners opt to have the procedure done in conjunction with spaying or neutering.

2. They Help Reunite Owners With Lost Pets

Microchips work by keeping accurate contact information associated with the microchip’s serial number. All shelters and vets should scan a lost dog for a microchip. From this scan, they can get the chip’s serial number and manufacturer, which they can call to find out the owner’s contact information. As long as the microchip’s registration is current, and contact information is accurate, a lost dog can get reunited with their owner.

3. They Are Not a GPS

animal careMany people assume that a microchip functions like a GPS when they, in fact, do not. Microchips are not tracking devices, and won’t help if your dog wanders into a place where no one can find him. Microchips only work if someone scans for the chip to retrieve its serial number and manufacturer.

4. There Are Different Kinds

There are many different kinds of microchips available. For the most accurate animal care advice, ask your veterinarian which ones are most frequently used in your area. Not all scanners pick up every microchip. You have a higher chance of your local shelters reading your pet’s chip if it is one of the area’s most-used types.

5. They Don’t Replace Collars & Tags

A microchip is only part of the identification system. Your dog still needs a collar and tags. The person who finds your lost dog may not know anything about microchips and may either choose to keep them or give them away. But, with a tag that has your phone number, that same person will know exactly what to do.


Though microchipping may sound like advanced animal care, it’s a very simple pet service available at Waipahu Waikele Pet Hospital in Hawaii. To schedule your dog’s appointment with one of their caring vets, call (808) 671-7387. Visit their website for more information.

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