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5 Ways You Can Benefit From Family Therapy July 27, 2017

Mendenhall Valley, Juneau
5 Ways You Can Benefit From Family Therapy, Juneau, Alaska

If your family is going through a difficult period—a divorce, a challenging parent-child relationship, or similar issue—you might consider family therapy. Working with a family therapist can give every person involved in the situation an opportunity to discuss their feelings in a safe, moderated setting. Below, the experts outline some reasons why family therapy can benefit you and your loved ones.

5 Essential Benefits of Family Therapy

1. Setting Goals

family therapyWhen family members are struggling to work through a relationship problem, it can be very difficult to make any progress. Most people just want others to see things their way. By addressing the issue with a counselor, you can set more concrete goals, instead of having the same arguments.

2. Establishing Rules

Disagreements between family members aren’t always civil. When people sling insults or accusations at one another, working through the problem is a challenge. In family therapy, you can discuss your concerns while also setting ground rules that ensure every person involved feels respected.

3. Uncovering Issues

Often, a relationship problem between family members is rooted in a deeper issue that someone either doesn’t want to acknowledge or isn’t even aware of. A family therapist is trained to recognize when someone may not be addressing the root cause of a problem. They can help uncover the true source of the issue, making it easier to move forward.

4. Expressing Commitment

When you commit to family therapy, you’re letting your family members know that you care enough about them to put work into resolving your issues. Families that make this commitment often realize early on that they all genuinely care enough to make an effort, which is a major step towards healing.

5. Understanding Your Own Feelings

Contrary to what you may believe, you’re not always an expert on your own thoughts and feelings. You may be the person who is burying your resentment or failing to recognize a hidden anxiety. Family therapy helps you gain a better understanding of your own needs in the relationship.

No matter what problem your family faces, working with a professional is a smart way to start resolving it.


With more than 15 years of experienced as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Colleen Torrence, MED, LPC, in Juneau, AK, will help you and your loved ones address and resolve the issue plaguing you. Visit her online to learn more about her services, or call (907) 789-9212.

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