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3 Reasons Dentists May Suggest Dental Bridges July 27, 2017

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3 Reasons Dentists May Suggest Dental Bridges, Texarkana, Arkansas

Although most people consider missing teeth to be mainly a cosmetic issue, those gaps can cause more problems than you might realize. Here are three reasons your dentist might suggest a dental bridge, and why you shouldn’t put off making an appointment for a consultation:

  • dental bridgeSelf-Esteem: When you’re missing teeth, it can put a damper on the way you feel about yourself, influencing the way you act around others. For example, you might become withdrawn or avoid smiling without covering your mouth, making it hard to be yourself or communicate effectively. One of the most important reasons to have your missing teeth replaced with a dental bridge is to restore your self-confidence.
  • Trouble Talking or Chewing: Missing teeth can also impact your ability to chew food properly or pronounce certain words. In fact, some people suffer from malnutrition after experiencing tooth loss because it can become so difficult to consume crispy, fresh vegetables or lean, healthy meats. However, by having a partial denture made for your smile, you can restore your ability to talk and chew, improving your health and speech patterns.
  • Compromised Teeth: As soon as you lose a tooth, the bone that once supported it starts to resorb or melt away. This process occurs quite rapidly, with the alveolar process losing as much as 25% of its bone width around the tooth within the first year. This bone loss can impact the strength of the entire periodontal arch, putting your remaining teeth at risk. Additionally, teeth tend to spread out to fill large gaps, which can make your smile look crooked. However, by wearing a partial denture, you can recreate some of the natural stimulation your own teeth would have provided, protecting the rest of your smile.


Are you ready to talk with your dentist about dental bridges? Randall A. Ellis DDS can help with everything from partial bridges and preventive dentistry to root canal therapy and gum treatments. With a focus on patient care and a commitment to improved dental technologies, there is a reason people throughout the greater Texarkana, AR, area turn to these professionals for help with their smiles. To learn more about this practice or to schedule an appointment, send them a message online or call (870) 772-1374.

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