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Clean Green With Environmentally Friendly Products & Cleaning Services January 7, 2015

Theater District, Manhattan
Clean Green With Environmentally Friendly  Products & Cleaning Services, Manhattan, New York

You want your home clean, but you also want to think about the environment and your health, right? That’s why you should be using green cleaning products in your home. MaidMiracle-CleaningComplete, Inc., NY's premier cleaning service, will use all green products upon request when they come to clean your home. Make the right choice for yourself, your family, and the environment by choosing to go green with the cleaning products you use in your home.

Here are some of the many reasons why you should request green products when you use MaidMiracle-CleaningComplete:

  • Health: Green cleaning products don’t have harmful chemicals or toxic ingredients, so they can be used all over the home without fear of affecting your family’s health. You can also use them as often as you want and whenever you want because they won’t release heavy fumes or toxins into the air.
  • Pets: Pets, unfortunately, don't notice when chemicals are used. If your house has been cleaned with harsh chemicals, your pet could get sick. Even just sniffing a surface that has been treated with ammonia or other toxic cleaning products could cause serious damage to a pet.
  • Environment: Green products are, obviously, much better for the environment. The ingredients in traditional cleaning products will release toxins into the air and into the plumbing, causing problems for Mother Nature. And the containers themselves tend to be made out of recycled materials. 

For these reasons, request green cleaning products when your hire MaidMiracle-CleaningComplete for your home cleaning services. Call them at (212) 227-0730 to book your next appointment.