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6 Interesting Facts About Bass & Bass Fishing August 2, 2017

Windsor Locks, Hartford County
6 Interesting Facts About Bass & Bass Fishing, Windsor Locks, Connecticut

There’s no better summer pastime than packing a cooler and heading down to the lake for a day of bass fishing. Whether you prefer a solo afternoon or want to seize the opportunity for a casual outing with friends, the outdoor excursion is sure to be memorable. 

David Santos Fishing in Windsor Locks, CT, loves introducing anglers to bass fishing and advises newcomers to familiarize themselves with what they’ll be catching. Below, they share six interesting facts about one of America’s favorite freshwater fish:

  • Florida Bass Fishing Can’t Be Beat: If you’re fishing in Florida, you’re in for a treat. The Sunshine State’s largemouth bass grow considerably larger than other species, often weighing double that of their northern counterparts.
  • Largemouth Bass Can Live for a Decade: The average lifespan of a largemouth bass is about 10 years. This means plenty of time to keep chasing the one that keeps getting away! 
  • bass fishingBass Are Everywhere: The largemouth is one of the most widely found game fish in the U.S., with all 48 states boasting some sort of freshwater lake or pond access for residential anglers.
  • Early Summer Is High Time: Though they’ll be biting all season, bass are notoriously easier to catch in the early summer thanks to the period’s comfortable weather. Fishing tends to get a little trickier in late summer when water and dissolved oxygen levels are low.
  • Bass Don’t Have Eyelids: Bass cannot adjust the amount of light that reaches their retina due to a fixed iris and the lack of an eyelid. However, it’s a myth that they avoid sunlight for this reason—in fact, bright light does not hurt their eyes at all thanks to the dark pigment of their optic nerve cells.
  • Choose Red Fishing Gear: Bass, who can see colors, can better discern red over any other hue on the color spectrum. To boost your chances of hooking one of these swimmers quickly, consider using red fishing line or a crimson lure.

For some, bass fishing isn’t just reserved for leisurely Sunday afternoons. For amateur fisherman David Santos of David Santos Fishing, it’s a lifestyle. This longtime sportsman has competed in angling tournaments across the country and is eager to show newcomers the ins and outs of bass fishing. Read more about David online or call (860) 869-7722.  

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