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A Septic Plumbing Expert's List of Fun Bathroom Facts You Probably Didn't Know August 2, 2017

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A Septic Plumbing Expert's List of Fun Bathroom Facts You Probably Didn't Know, Gig Harbor Peninsula, Washington

Most people don't enjoy talking about the bathroom. Despite the fact that using the bathroom is a natural process, people still cringe when someone brings it up. However, the septic plumbing professionals at Hemley’s Septic in Gig Harbor, WA, talk about it on a daily basis!

Over the last 50 years, the team has learned quite a few interesting facts regarding people and their bathroom habits. Here, they share some of these fun facts with you.

A Septic Plumbing Professional’s List of 4 Facts You Never Knew About Bathrooms 

1. Women Share More

When good bathroom stories come up, some people are more likely to share these with their friends. In fact, while this may come as a surprise, women are much more likely than men to share tales of their interesting or funny bathroom experiences. About one in every five women is willing to share, while men are less inclined to do so. 

2. Men Spend More Time in There

septic plumbingWhile women are more likely to chat about their memorable bathroom experiences, men are more likely to spend that time sitting on the toilet. In fact, men spend an average of three more minutes on the toilet than women. 

3. You Spend Years in the Bathroom

The average person spends a total of three years on the toilet over the course of their life. That adds up to roughly 2,500 times each year, or six to eight visits to the loo per day!

4. It’s a Place for Family Photos

About 10% of all individuals keep pictures of loved ones in their bathroom. If you’re one of these people, it could be time to consider how this makes visitors feel slightly uncomfortable when using your toilet! You certainly wouldn’t want someone else’s mother watching you from the sink counter while you use the bathroom. 

These are just the sort of fun facts you pick up when you’re a septic plumbing expert. And if you ever find yourself in need of any services, such as sewage pump repairs or drain cleaning, check out Hemley’s Septic’s detailed list of services on their website, or call them at (800) 699-7854.

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