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3 Benefits of Formica Countertops August 11, 2017

Kailua, Hawaii
3 Benefits of Formica Countertops, Kailua, Hawaii

When you decide to renovate your kitchen, deciding on the right countertops is a major part of the process. That’s why locals throughout Hilo, HI, choose to work with the pros at Big Island Countertops. With a reputation for being the best home renovation team in town, they always go the extra mile to help customers decide on the perfect kitchen countertops for their home. Many of their clients end up installing Formica based on their overall goals and preferences.

3 Advantages of Choosing Formica Countertops


Formica is a hard plastic laminate frequently used to fabricate countertops. This product has become very popular due to its durability. With Formica, you won’t have to worry about scratching or cracking the surface. They can withstand a serious beating and, when cared for properly, can even last decades. 

Variety of Options

countertopsBeyond this product’s durability, Formica is celebrated for its variety. You’ll have the opportunity to shop a wide range of designs and colors. Better yet, many Formica countertops are also an excellent replica of more expensive surfaces.


While granite and marble make beautiful countertops, these options may not be budget-friendly for every homeowner. But, because it’s a composite material, Formica offers similar aesthetics at a more affordable rate. By reducing the cost of your countertops, you’ll have additional room in your budget to invest in energy efficient appliances or extra touches like a tile backsplash to ensure your kitchen renovation looks luxurious without breaking the bank. 

Are you looking for a locally owned and operated business in the greater Hilo, HI area, that specializes in home renovations, from installing kitchen countertops to remodeling bathrooms? If so, Big Island Countertops is your one-stop shop for house updates. For more information on their products and services, call them at (808) 961-6633 or visit their website

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