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Finding an Experienced Litigation Lawyer is as Easy as Calling Michael W. Lyons, PSC January 6, 2015

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Finding an Experienced Litigation Lawyer is as Easy as Calling Michael W. Lyons, PSC, Florence, Kentucky

After practicing for 26 years, Michael W. Lyons of the law firm of Michael W. Lyons, PSC, has proven to be a trusted and reliable litigation lawyer when clients are in need of aggressive and vigorous council to take their side in a court of law. Whether you need an experienced divorce attorney, bankruptcy lawyer, or child custody attorney, the offices of Michael W. Lyons, PSC should be your first stop. But, in particular, an excellent litigation lawyer is one of the most valuable assets you can have when you’re just about to face trial.

Litigation lawyers, similarly known as trial lawyers or litigators, represent plaintiffs or defendants in civil trials. Depending on the nature of the civil dispute and which side they are representing, litigation lawyers will generally handle seven phases of a trial; this alone should impress upon civil litigants that their choice of litigator will make the difference between winning and losing.

Considering your civil trial in this light, it becomes vitally important to find a reputable litigation lawyer to handle your business and family litigation needs. The reason the importance of these practice areas cannot be understated is because civil litigants must find a litigation lawyer that is reputable in the specific areas their trial is concerning. Choosing a litigation lawyer with the requisite knowledge and expertise to take your case is not only vital to the outcome of your case, but cuts down on your litigation costs, since you don’t want a prolonged trial where your litigator is “discovering” for the first time nuanced points of law. Instead, when you’re looking for a litigation lawyer, experience is everything! 

Having expended years as an experienced litigation lawyer and practicing law since 1988, Michael W. Lyons is the attorney you can trust to advance your case at trial. Reach the office of Michael W. Lyons, PSC, by calling (859) 371-9889 and speak to one of their professionals when you need a divorce attorney, foreclosure attorney or bankruptcy lawyer.