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Tips on Modifing Your Car Reservation July 31, 2017

Kama`ole Ahupua`a, Kihei
Tips on Modifing Your Car Reservation, Kihei, Hawaii

Sometimes, unexpected events come up that require you to make some changes to your travel plans. If you’ve made a car reservation, you may need to alter it as well. AA Aloha Cars-R-Us, based out of Hawaii, explains exactly what you need to know to make the process as easy as possible. 

This guide is designed to provide tips for changing reservations booked through the major car rental agencies. (If you are modifying a reservation with AA Aloha Cars-R-Us, simply go to our Reservations page to do so).

As soon as travel plans change, do not put this task off, contact the rental company directly. I have found, after almost 30 years in the industry, the majority of modifications have an satisfactory outcome.

However, all modifications are not created equal! Some worst case scenario's are Changing dates to a sold out time frame. Changing within a week before the original rental date, when inventories are about at there lowest. Changing a last name on a reservation, this requires re-booking in most cases, then you’re dealing with a new rate & reservation number. If you’ve prepaid for your rental car, you are subject to Change penalties, these fee’s will be included in the documentation you received when you booked..

Owner Insight: Understand behind the scenes there is a very high “no show” rate in Hawaii, upwards of 20% of people are not cancelling or showing up. This happens for several reasons.. bottom line is, if a credit card is not required to book, there will always be a high rate of no show’s. Hawaii car rental agencies have a limited vehicle inventory to begin with. 

car reservationWhen making modifications to your reservation, the car rental company will need your reservation number, the first and last name on the booking and sometimes they will have you confirm the rental location. So, have this at hand when you contact them. Be prepared that any change made can change the length and the actual availability of the vehicle for this modified itinerary. Prepaid reservations will have there own set of additional fees as well. 

Ultimately, the rental agency you made your car reservation with will determine whether a modification is allowed and what, if any, the new totals are, so it’s crucial to contact them directly with your request.

To speak with a representative at AA Aloha Cars-R-Us about a change needed on one of their bookings, or to get rates instantly, call (800) 655-7989 or visit them online.

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