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Pregnancy Preparation Tips: How to Track Your Cycle to Get Pregnant August 9, 2017

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Pregnancy Preparation Tips: How to Track Your Cycle to Get Pregnant, Fulton, New York

While the basics of getting pregnant are straightforward, a little pregnancy preparation is needed now and then. Your menstrual cycle provides unique insight into the optimal time to conceive, and obstetricians and midwives at Oswego County OB-GYN in Oswego and Fulton, NY, recommend learning how to track it. Knowing when the “fertile window” is approaching will increase your chances of getting pregnant and ensure you're trying at the best time.

The fertile window consists of the days with the highest pregnancy potential during the menstrual cycle. For most women, the fertile window is six days and occurs right up to ovulation. The chances of conception increase the closer you get to ovulation, but it’s not always easy to identify when those exact dates are.

pregnancy preparationObstetricians advise that the best way to take advantage of this pregnancy preparation tool is to track your menstrual cycle. To pinpoint these dates, track the average length of your menstrual cycle each month. Menstrual cycles typically last 28 to 32 days. The first day of your period is the starting point, and the last day occurs right before your new cycle begins. To hone in on the fertile window, subtract two weeks from the date you anticipate having your next period.

If you have a 32-day menstrual cycle, day 18 is when ovulation begins. This means that days 16, 17, and 18 are the days you’re most likely to become pregnant. On any of these days, you have a 27% to 33% chance of becoming pregnant and should try to have intercourse each day. 

If you plan on trying to conceive, turn to the professionals at Oswego County OB-GYN. They offer valuable advice on pregnancy preparation and help with any fertility issues you might be facing. Call (315) 343-2590 today to schedule a consultation, and visit their website and Facebook to learn more about their OBGYN services.

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