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Storage Rental Company Explains 3 Reasons to Use Moving Straps July 27, 2017

Covedale, Green
Storage Rental Company Explains 3 Reasons to Use Moving Straps, Green, Ohio

If you're planning to undertake a move on your own, you'll want to be as prepared as possible. Moving can tax your body and put you at risk for injury if you don't have the right equipment and understanding of everything that goes into moving beds, sofas, and other heavy furniture. West Side Storage & Truck Rental, based in Cincinnati, OH, knows that being properly equipped for a move can make all the difference.

Below, the storage rental facility explains three benefits of moving straps:  

1. Weight Distribution

Part of the reason moving sofas, mattresses, washing machines, and other heavy objects is so difficult is the uneven weight distribution between the two people on either side of the object. Moving harnesses allow for even weight distribution, making moving heavy objects smoother and safer. 

2. Lift More

storageThe benefits of the even weight distribution afforded by moving straps and harnesses are great; in fact, they reduce the weight of heavy items by 66%. This alone can make the entire moving process faster and easier, allowing nonprofessionals to move the heaviest furniture in their home without risking property damage or personal injury. 

3. Versatility

There is a wide variety of different moving straps, including moving harnesses, forearm forklifts, shoulder dollies, and more conventional lifting straps. Each of these strap styles has specific benefits. Make a note of what the heaviest items that need to be moved out of your home are, and then research the different straps to decide which one is best suited to lift your furnishings. 

Westside Storage & Truck Rental is a full-service moving truck and storage rental facility serving Greater Cincinnati residents looking to move or rent a safe, climate-controlled storage unit. In addition to their modernized storage units, Westside Storage & Truck Rental offers 14-foot moving trucks at affordable prices. Visit the storage rental company online to learn more about the services offered, or give the staff a call at (513) 451-6474.  

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