Garment District, New York
499 7th Avenue, Grnd Retail Store #2
New York, NY 10018
(646) 641-2705

Meet Jerome, The iPhone Repair Master at I Love Repairs January 7, 2015

Garment District, Manhattan
Meet Jerome, The iPhone Repair Master at I Love Repairs, Manhattan, New York

Like many businesses in New York City, I Love Repairs—an iPhone, cell phone, Mac and PC computer repair shop in the Garment District—is as quirky, unique and (most importantly) efficient as the residents of the city itself. The environment in this shop is laid-back and inviting, and the technicians are noted for their fun-loving attitude. However, don’t be fooled: these are dedicated experts who love what they do.

Nestled as it is in a busy part of Manhattan (and what part isn’t!?), you might wonder what inspired this relaxing but efficient approach to tech repair. As it turns out, it has everything to do with the vision of Jerome, I Love Repairs’s owner and lead technician. Jerome started out building and repairing computers, something which he did professionally for seven years, but eventually became fascinated with iPods and iPhones. Nowadays, there’s no device that he can’t work on, and his passion for technology has become infectious; in due course, Jerome found a staff of highly experienced but extremely friendly technicians to work with.

This staff, which match him in affability, are highly qualified in a wide range of computer- and phone-related repairs; they’ll replace a cracked iPhone screen, unlock your old Samsung Galaxy, help extract files from a dying PC, fix external components of your Mac, and provide basically any kind of maintenance you’d ever need. Furthermore, the folks here love to refurbish old electronics, so you can sell your phone right there. Knowing that New Yorkers are a busy lot, and that technological problems are extremely inconvenient, the technicians at I Love Repairs also work incredibly fast; most repairs take only 30 to 60 minutes!

The combination of expertise and quirkiness you find at I Love Repairs is one that could only exist in New York. Do your devices a favor and stop by the shop; you can also book an appointment online or by calling (646) 641-2705.  

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