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3 Reasons It's Important to Care for Your Contact Lenses August 9, 2017

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3 Reasons It's Important to Care for Your Contact Lenses , Anchorage, Alaska

People are aware that scheduling regular optometrist appointments are important in keeping their eye health in check. However, It’s also crucial to make sure your contact lenses are clean. Below, Northern Lights Eye Care in Anchorage, AK, uses their 14 years of experience to share three reasons why caring for your contact lenses is necessary.

Why Is It Important to Care for Your Contact Lenses?

1. Avoid Damage

Contacts must be wet to maintain their integrity and be comfortable for the wearer. Dry lenses can hurt your eyes and potentially damage the cornea or sclera. If you use contacts, always store them in an appropriate solution when not in use. Refresh the solution every day and rinse out your cases to keep everything clean. 

2. Prevent Infection

contact lensesDirty contacts, meaning they’ve been worn but not cleaned, may garner infection or become bacteria-laden. For example, if you have a cold your eyes may redden and itch because they, too, have been affected by the virus. Clean your contacts thoroughly with a solution to disinfect them for further use. Visit your eye doctor if you suspect you should throw out the contacts you were wearing while you had a cold or another eye-related issue. They can let you know whether to clean and reuse the lenses or buy new.

3. Save Money

If your contact lenses can be worn for multiple days, you’ll notice they become uncomfortable without a proper cleaning and soak. When you do care for your lenses, you can wear them longer than the time listed on the prescription, so you won’t need to purchase new ones as often. 

If you have contact lenses or are considering switching from glasses, it’s important to keep them clean. For optometry services in the Anchorage area, call Northern Lights Eye Care at (907) 276-3937 or visit the website to schedule an appointment and learn more about your prescription contact options.

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