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3 Essential Things to Include in Your Plumbing Service Checklist August 11, 2017

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3 Essential Things to Include in Your Plumbing Service Checklist, Thomasville, North Carolina

Ensuring a smoothly functioning plumbing system requires investing in comprehensive inspection and upkeep solutions. To that end, the team at Baity Plumbing Co. recommend keeping a checklist of essential things to get done during your annual plumbing services.

For more than 40 years, these plumbing contractors have served residential and commercial clients throughout Thomasville, NC, and the surrounding area. Drawing on their experience, they list a few important services to include in your yearly plumbing checks.

3 Essential Items to Include in Plumbing Service Checklist

1. Drain Cleaning

Regular usage can cause debris to get stuck in your drainpipes and slow down water flow. Getting them inspected by trusted plumbing contractors can highlight these clogging issues before they turn into a bigger problem. In the event that a clog is large enough to block water drainage, they will employ professional-grade snake equipment to ensure proper drain cleaning.

2. Detecting & Fixing Leaks

Plumbing ServiceIncluding leak detection and repairs in the checklist is especially important if you’ve noticed a significant rise in your water expenses. Plumbing experts use specialized cameras to take a deeper look at your drains and highlight issues contributing to water wastage. Owners of older properties can also capitalize on this opportunity to replace galvanized pipes with standard PVC installations in use today.

3. Fixture Inspection

It’s not unusual for kitchen and bathroom fixtures to become corroded with extensive usage. Be sure to add fixture inspection to your to-do list of plumbing services, so you can have them replaced on a timely basis. As part of these maintenance checks, plumbing experts will check faucets, valves, and other metal installations for corrosion and leakage issues. They will also clear out the aerators and provide fixture replacement, if necessary.

An optimally performing plumbing system deserves timely solutions from a reliable local company. For Thomasville residents, this means placing their trust in the exceptional plumbing services from Baity Plumbing Co. For further information about their maintenance and upkeep services, call (336) 475-0921 or visit their website.

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