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Help Your Middle Schooler Build Math Skills This Summer With These Everyday Activities July 25, 2017

Cambrian Park, Santa Clara County
Help Your Middle Schooler Build Math Skills This Summer With These Everyday Activities , Cambrian Park, California


In middle school, many students will encounter Algebra, Geometry, and other abstract math concepts for the first time, at which point they may become confused or overwhelmed. At Study Wizards Tutoring, we believe that summer is a great time to help your child build the confidence and competencies they'll need to succeed in the upcoming school year. In addition to hiring a private tutor to reinforce their skills, these fun, daily activities will allow your middle schooler to overcome challenges and even learn to love mathematics.


1. Calculate On the Go


Just because your middle schooler and you are out enjoying the summer sun doesn’t mean you can’t also fit in a quick study session. If you go on vacation, for example, ask your child to calculate your estimated time of arrival or the car’s fuel consumption based on how many miles you travel and how often you fill up.


When you both need a break from the heat, our private tutors also suggest practicing traditional computations with a mix of one-, two-, and three-digit numbers. Over time, this daily practice will not only strengthen your student’s problem-solving skills, but it will also foster self-confidence.


2. Incorporate Summertime Hobbies


According to our private tutors, your middle schooler needs a firm grasp of the subject’s real-life applications to improve their math competency. Does your child like playing sports? Take them to the park and ask them to visualize what objects could fill the area of the field.


Do they prefer art? Have them calculate the volume of their paint jars or sketch buildings from various perspectives. Relating Algebra and Geometry to your child’s favorite summer hobbies will establish a personal connection to the subject, increasing retention and making learning more fun.


3. Utilize Other Subjects


Likewise, you can connect mathematics to other topics they know and love. If your middle schooler enjoys reading, then discuss how some everyday words also have mathematical contexts. The word “more,” for example, can mean multiple objects or it can signify addition, as in “eight is two more than six.” Additionally, prepositions like “from” and “to” represent both place and time, two metrics that are essential when solving word problems.


Now is the best time to get your student ready for and excited about the new school year. If you’d like to learn how else to make the most of the summer break, call Study Wizards Tutoring at (408) 883-8660. We maintain a staff of highly experienced private tutors with a proven approach to helping students of every skill level succeed. Visit our website or like us on Facebook to see how our test prep programs and tutoring services will help your middle schooler conquer not only Algebra and Geometry but subjects like science and the literary arts as well.

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